Workflow Engine:
Features & Specifications

File Routing & Approval

  • Supports Ad-hoc, Administrative and Production workflow routes
  • Automatically routes documents and document folders
    for editing, review and approval on custom, pre-designed
    workflow "routes"
  • Routed documents appear in users AutoEDMS In-basket
  • Email notification works with corporate email systems.
  • Source file(s) can be edited in place or duplicated to a
    working copy
  • Working copies are automatically copied to predefined or user-specified working directories
  • Files can be routed forward or backward, through any number of route "steps"
  • Multiple people can be assigned to each route "step", for  individual or group approval
  • Rejected documents can automatically be returned to the originating sender or to other specified individuals
  • Workflow designs can be completely customized with the ACS Customization Language (ACL), with the optional Workflow Developer's Kit.

Revision Control

  • Automatically manages multiple document revisions
  • Automatically manages a user-specified number of
    previous revisions
  • Optionally replaces original file with new revision
  • Previous document revisions are "rolled-back" to make room for new revisions
  • Automatically creates temporary working directories or allows user selection of working directories

Flexible Workflow Design

  • Drag & drop Visual Workflow Design tool
  • Unlimited number of custom workflow designs
  • Custom workflow designs for different users or departments
  • Custom icons represent each workflow "route step"
  • User security tokens can be assigned to each stage of the    route designs

Audit Trails & Reporting

  • Workflow transaction history tracks all file movements and database updates for rollback if needed
  • Managers can reassign routed documents
  • Complete error handling for "disk full" conditions
  • Workflow history database is ODBC-compliant for reporting with MS-Access, Crystal Reports, etc.

Note:  All specifications are subject to change without notice.

"AutoEDMS has enabled us
 to eliminate dozens of
procedures necessary to
keep documents controlled."

Daniel Bryan

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