System Requirements

AutoEDMS is typically installed on a shared fileserver drive, however, for slow networks, such as a WAN, AutoEDMS can be installed on local hard drives and configured to share files and data from
a central fileserver. This option reduces network traffic and improves the performance of the
AutoEDMS system.

Supported Operating Systems

AutoEDMS is a 32-bit Windows application and runs under 32-bit versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows Vista, XP and Windows 2000.

Workstation Requirements

AutoEDMS requires a Pentium-III or better computer, with a minimum of 256Mbs of memory. Minimal  workstation disk space (less than 100 kbytes) is required since all program modules are stored on a shared fileserver.

Fileserver Requirements

AutoEDMS supports all classes of fileservers and storage devices, and no additional server memory is required for the Pervasive SQL Database Engine or AutoEDMS. With the Pervasive SQL Engine, only one server process is added to the fileserver configuration. The fileservers can be any combination of Windows, NetWare and/or Linux.

Connectivity Requirements

AutoEDMS supports all manner of connectivity methods between AutoEDMS sites, as long as workstations have "file service" access to the remote servers (attached as a network user).


Figure 17

Because the AutoEDMS databases operate client/server under Windows, NetWare and Linux, WAN traffic is very minimal and successful communication systems can be based on a comm-line speed as low as 56 kbaud (Figure 17). Batch transmissions of files requires higher speed data links.


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