Workflow Routing

AutoEDMS provides workflow routing of documents, typically through a draft/check/approve cycle. In this scenario, AutoEDMS automatically protects files that are in the workflow process and keeps an audit trail of all file activity.

The built-in AutoEDMS Workflow Engine automates the design and administration of workflow processes, and also provides status reporting and audit trails. It improves productivity, by documenting and highlighting delays in workflow processes.

The Workflow Engine is based upon a graphical workflow designer that is used to design and modify custom workflow processes. By "dragging & dropping" icons that represent the various workflow steps, authorized users can easily build a complete workflow that can be viewed and printed to document the process (Figure 10). Each stage of the Workflow has properties (parameters) that can be set for file routing, user security, etc. With the optional Advanced Workflow Designer, custom "ACL" routines can also be added to each step to implement additional workflow functions that may not be addressed by the standard Workflow Engine.

AutoEDMS is used
at ERICO to manage
and control the workflow, engineering routing
and revision history of
about 30,000 engineering documents."

Paul Molnar

Figure 10

Each workflow process is represented by a graphical workflow "route" (Figure 10 shows an example ECO workflow design).  Workflow routes designate the forward and backward movement of files. As soon as the workflow design is saved, it's ready to use -- without any programming or scripting.

The graphical workflow designs are also used for real-time status of document activity -- each document can be highlighted on the graphical workflow, to show where it is in the process. In addition, a complete audit trail report will show authorized administrators the entire life history of the documents and the workflow processes.

Features & Specifications

File Routing & Approval

Routes Documents & Folders
Supports Unlimited Route "Steps"
Individual and/or Group Approval

Revision Control

999 Revisions Per File
Document Rollback
Creates Working Directories

Workflow Designs

Audit Trails & Reports

Route Maker Design Tool
Supports Multiple Route Designs
Routes Protected by Security

Transaction History
Error Handling and Rollback
ODBC-compliant for Reporting

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