Database Design and User-Friendly Forms

AutoEDMS database designs are completely configurable and multiple database screens (Forms) can be designed for each database. Each Form can be designed to reflect the needs and abilities of:

  • individual users
  • user groups
  • types of documents
  • departments
  • work processes

Forms can have multiple pages, hidden fields, display-only fields, drop-down field value list fields, etc.

AutoEDMS Form

Figure 5

Figures 5 and 6 illustrate the use of two Form designs sharing the same database information.  Both Forms employ a tab style approach. Figure 5 shows a management Form design which includes all the fields in the database, accessible via tab selection.  Figure 6 shows a user's Form (including a floating toolbar), and has a simplified design.

Figure 6

Floating toolbar icons represent document management functions and other applications. Access to these tools is protected through AutoEDMS security.

Multiple Sites

AutoEDMS users can easily access different document databases or sites, by simply selecting a different Form in AutoEDMS.  AutoEDMS will automatically attach to the appropriate databases, without any reconfiguration. Databases and key sites that are frequently accessed can be linked by "tabs" on one Form, with each tab representing a different site.

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