File Viewing, Printing and Redlining

AutoEDMS directly views and prints over 300 file formats, including AutoCAD, MicroStation, scanned CALS IV and TIFF images, JPEG color photos, Microsoft Office files, and Adobe Acrobat. All supported file formats can be viewed and printed by AutoEDMS, without using the native application (see Figure 12 below).

List of supported file formats

Redlining, Markup, Annotation and Commenting

ACS offers the optional AutoEDMS Redline Module that provides redlining and annotation with sticky notes. Redlining is controlled through AutoEDMS security, to prevent unauthorized users from marking-up protected drawings.  The Redline Module is a "floating" tool and can be shared by any number of AutoEDMS users.

"I like the way AutoEDMS allows you to immediately pull a selected document
up to full screen and
print it -- within seconds."

Hal Wade
Holman Boiler Works

Figure 12

Figure 12 shows a drawing with the "magnify window" tool displaying a zoomed area. The toolbar across the top includes a number of useful tools for controlling the view of the file and the printed output.



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