Integration with AutoCAD and Other Applications

AutoEDMS has supported AutoCAD for network drawing management since 1986 and provides very tight integration, for management of files, Xrefs and blocks. AutoEDMS provides direct exchange of data with AutoCAD, including AutoCAD titleblock information, through the built-in "AutoTitleBlock" function.


Figure 15

 AutoTitleBlock keeps the AutoEDMS database and AutoCAD titleblock information in sync, through dynamic exchange of database information with AutoCAD attributes (Figure 15). The AutoTitleBlock function can be customized to support multiple, custom title block designs.

The integration of AutoEDMS with AutoCAD and all other Windows programs, including the Microsoft Office Suite, is through its ODMA support and its exclusive "Embedded Linking and Control" (ELC) technology. Through ODMA and ELC, AutoEDMS can be linked to Windows program file options (File | New, File | Save As, File | Insert, File | Close), to provide automatic file management with minimal user intervention. By linking AutoEDMS to the File menu in Windows programs, users don't need to learn how to access their document management system -- it happens automatically. ELC can also be used to limit users access to options like Delete, Rename, etc.

AutoEDMS also supports complete client/server DDE access with other Windows programs. This allows very tight interaction and exchange of data. Integration with bar-code programs and redline/markup tools are good examples of AutoEDMS' DDE support.


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