Implementation Includes Customization

Off-the-shelf, AutoEDMS will probably meet about 80% of your needs. Every installation has different requirements, and that "last 20%" is often the key to significant increases in efficiency and productivity.

AutoEDMS includes a wide array of customization tools that give it the extra flexibility and extensibility to stretch and fill that crucial last 20%. You can customize every AutoEDMS database and Form with the graphical QwikForm program. Workflow routes are designed with the Visual Workflow Designer. AutoEDMS also includes powerful Attaché file management functions and the ACS Customization Language (ACL).

QwikForm Creates Custom Databases & Forms

The AutoEDMS QwikForm program is a Windows-based, graphical database and screen design tool. Forms and databases are created with QwikForm, where database fields are "dragged & dropped" on-screen. AutoEDMS Forms can be designed around colorful background images, to customize AutoEDMS' entire look & feel. QwikForm includes a number of industry-specific Form templates that you can use right out-of-the-box.

Attaché Functions Automate Document Management

AutoEDMS includes built-in Attaché document management functions, including revision control, automatic filenaming, EMail links, mass database and file manipulation, batch printing, and more. These powerful document management functions are easily configured, without any programming. The Attaché functions can also be further customized with the built-in ACL customization language.

Application Program Interface

AutoEDMS employs industry standards, including DDE, OLE, MAPI, ODMA, etc., though an API called ACL (ACS Customization Language). The ACL language is a high-level ASCII language, similar to batch commands or BASIC. The ACL language offers well over 250 commands, including full user interface (list boxes, buttons, text input, etc.), file input/output, string and math operators, conditional logic, client/server DDE and more. The ACL language includes over 100 ACL program libraries and allows system administrators to easily customize AutoEDMS to add functionality and fine-tune the built-in Attaché functions. Custom search routines, drawing "sequencing" and links to other databases and applications are good examples of the power of the ACL language.

Since the ACL language is ASCII based and non-compiled, it is easy to implement required changes. AutoEDMS does not require the use of low-level "APIs", so experienced programmers are not needed to customize it. More importantly, as new versions of AutoEDMS become available, existing ACL customization is saved, since only the main executable programs are upgraded.

The flexible design of AutoEDMS allows each company to customize AutoEDMS to meet their specific document management needs, now and in the future.

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"Customizing flexibility
is the best characteristic
of AutoEDMS. It adjusts
to meet your processes
and allows you to take ownership, through its
broad range of
customizable features."

Jon E. Nicholson
Raytheon Systems Co.

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