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ACS Software, Inc. offers an annual maintenance program for software upgrades and support. The All-In-One subscription upgrade plan provides all minor and major updates and new versions during the plan's term.

Direct phone support contracts are available for technical troubleshooting, system design, etc., in blocks of hours. Based upon your requirements, an annual maintenance program covering both software upgrades and support services can be provided.

ACS and Authorized ACS Resellers should be directly involved in the implementation phases of AutoEDMS document management systems. ACS and Authorized ACS Resellers have the direct expertise necessary in database design, workflow processes, WAN access, business system integration and more, to insure a successful implementation. By working together with your Project Manager and your staff, ACS and Authorized ACS Resellers are able to help you get immediate and productive results from your AutoEDMS document management system.

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"The feature I like best
about AutoEDMS, is
ACS' staff and their
support that's always available and helpful."

Peggy McClay
Tyco Valves & Controls

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