Implementation Plan

Because in-depth AutoEDMS customization is done with the high-level ACL language, the cost of customization is typically 2-3 times less than systems that require 'C' or Visual Basic-level programmers. Since the ACL language is high-level and interpretive, significant time is saved over compiled languages that require compilation, linking, testing and debugging.

ACS recommends an implementation strategy that includes a Project Manager to help coordinate the design and installation of your document management system. ACS has found the use of a Project Manager reduces implementation time and improves the overall functionality and quality of the system.

Since each document management system is implemented differently, ACS recommends that you work together with your AutoEDMS supplier in the initial analysis of your system requirements. This allows the development of the best implementation strategy for the AutoEDMS system, based upon your needs, your system requirements and the capabilities of AutoEDMS. ACS recommends that a pilot project first encompass one site and later, a second site, for WAN access issues. The exact timeline for the pilot project should be determined as a result of a comprehensive needs analysis.

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"What I like best about AutoEDMS, is the fact
that you can tailor AutoEDMS to suit your needs by writing your
own ACL code.  That is
its biggest strength."

Gregg Levin
AutoRad, Inc.

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