Software Licensing

AutoEDMS is licensed per concurrent user. That is, a user that has AutoEDMS running on their workstation, whether or not they have a database open. AutoEDMS licenses are typically used in
two ways:

  1. Document check-in/check-out control: AutoEDMS is used interactively with various programs for the management of files through check-in/check-out procedures, workflow routing, etc. In this example, each user should have their own license of AutoEDMS, to insure on-line access of the document database and document management functions.
  2. Document query/view/print: AutoEDMS is used intermittently, for document lookup, viewing and printing. These users often share AutoEDMS licenses since most users do not need access to the database full-time.

AutoEDMS is licensed per site (physical location of the AutoEDMS software), for the number of concurrent users required. AutoEDMS includes a built-in license manager that keeps track of the number of concurrent users. Each AutoEDMS site can manage documents on any number of fileservers and local workstations, as well as remote databases and documents.

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