AutoEDMS Database:
Client/Server Document Database

AutoEDMS supports LAN and WAN-based document management, by implementing distributed, client/server databases. This provides AutoEDMS users with high-speed, local document management using local document databases, with direct LAN and WAN links to other departments and sites for query/view/print/edit access to remote documents.  In both cases, AutoEDMS provides complete file and record locking control, for simultaneous document access by local and remote users.

"The Pervasive SQL database engine is
one of the quickest,
most robust engines
that we've encountered. We're very happy with
its performance."

Paul Molnar

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Figure 1

AutoEDMS supports NetWare networks and NT Server networks with a true "client/server" database architecture, based on the optional Pervasive SQL database engine.  The AutoEDMS PSQL database engine will service both local and WAN-based database queries with a server process, thereby significantly reducing LAN and WAN network traffic (Figure 1). By servicing all database queries at the fileserver, AutoEDMS eliminates LAN and WAN bottlenecks. This client/server architecture is crucial for multi-department and multi-site document control.

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