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AutoEDMS can also be used to manage and create Transmittals. With the built-in AutoEDMS Transmittal System, two databases -- one for your drawings/documents, and one for the Transmittals, are created and are linked by a common file ID, normally the drawing/document filename. This way, Transmittals can be searched and all associated documents listed, or a document file can be searched to find the Transmittal Report(s) it's associated with.

"Since AutoEDMS
creates the transmittal,
we're always assured we send the latest and
greatest revisions."

Jason Johnson
ABB Flexible Automation

full story

(click on the spreadsheet to download an example transmittal report)

AutoEDMS uses an Excel template to produce the Transmittal report. As the data is entered into AutoEDMS through user-defined prompts (keyboard or selection list), AutoEDMS automatically populates the appropriate cells within the Transmittal report. Transmittal numbers can be easily
created by concatenating data strings to automatically create unique Transmittal Report numbers.

The resulting transmittal report and its associated files are then automatically either
1) printed and shipped, 2) compressed and emailed or 3) copied to a directory for CD creation.

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