Workflow Engine:
File Check-in/Check-out

All file access is managed through built-in AutoEDMS file check-in
and check-out controls.  Once a user has a file or group of files in their AutoEDMS in-basket, the document(s) can be checked-out to either server-based work areas, or local station work areas (Figure 9). The databases are automatically flagged to show who is working on the
files and to prevent simultaneous updates by other users. 


"Using our AutoEDMS
system, drafting technicians can quickly check drawings out of our electronic vault."

Glen Grabowski
ANR Pipeline Co.

Figure 9

While files are checked-out, other users can still view/print/copy the last saved version. AutoEDMS will show that the file is in use by another user.  The system administrator can also "return" checked-out records & files that have not been properly returned by the user.

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