AutoEDMS Database:
Database Reliability

Document management systems are "critical path" solutions: if the document database gets corrupted or causes a fileserver to become unreliable, users cannot access their files. Unlike standard desktop applications where one user's problems do not affect anyone else, document management system problems can impact the performance of multiple people, entire departments and multiple sites.

AutoEDMS is a robust and proven document management solution.  ACS has used the Pervasive SQL Database Engine since 1986 because of its reliability and fault tolerance (Figure 4). All database updates are "pre-imaged" to prevent database corruption due to incomplete record updates.

"We installed AutoEDMS
 in 1998 and since the installation, we have not
had to touch its database."

Steve Hollingsworth
Stupp Bridge Company

full story

Figure 4

The Pervasive SQL Engine features a full 32-bit implementation and uses a multi-threaded design to improve throughput and lay the groundwork for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) support. AutoEDMS P.SQL database reliability design features include:

  • Transaction processing
  • Logging and roll forward
  • Data integrity enforcement
  • Data caching
  • Physical data access

Apart from P.SQL's client/server database engine,  AutoEDMS does not use or require any other server-based processes.  AutoEDMS can be run as a shared network application or a locally configured application. This allows AutoEDMS to be easily implemented into a variety of network and workstation environments, without risk of failure due to inadequate hardware configurations. This ease of implementation also ensures that the AutoEDMS document databases are always on-line and do not impact fileserver performance or operation.

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