File Storage:

AutoEDMS is built around a powerful security system that protects files, programs and database information, based on a system of security clearances. "View-only" users can be given limited access to important files and database information, without the ability to make changes. Security setup is very flexible, with an unlimited number of security clearance groups and levels which can be customized. Each user can be a member of multiple groups, and be assigned the appropriate access privileges. These access controls protect the AutoEDMS databases, Forms, icons (functions), and files. Based upon a users security clearance, individual database fields and functions can be hidden from view. User login can be automated through network login scripts.

The AutoEDMS security system allows multiple departments and sites to implement security specific to their needs, using existing terms (Drafter, Supervisor, Approver, Admin.). This flexibility is essential for easy security set-up and administration.

"As an ISO certified manufacturer, it is
critical for us that
each production drawing remain controlled by AutoEDMS at all times."

Daniel Bryan


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