Keep it simple . . .

    Paul has this advice to offer to "Document Management Newbies":

    • Find a good psychoanalyst.
    • Investigate in Rogaine (before it's too late).
    • Take advantage of the technical support provided by ACS.
      (You're my hero)
    • Take advantage of the ACS Technical Training Classes, not just for the training, but also to benefit from the experience of the other students.
    • Create your time estimates for implementation, then double them and add three days before presenting them to management.
    • Keep your initial implementations as simple as possible. Save the bells and whistles for later.

    Paul Molnar
    Engrg. Software Analyst
    ERICO, Inc.

ERICO manufactures parts and tools for the construction industry.  We have 30 offices worldwide in places like Hong Kong, Sidney Australia, the Netherlands and Sao Paulo Brazil. Six are manufacturing plants, the rest are sales or administrative offices.  We currently have four major product lines that we produce and sell:  concrete reinforcement products, fasteners, rail products and electrical products.

ERICO presently has 50 seats of AutoEDMS installed between our Solon, Ohio factory and our offices in Australia and the Netherlands.  AutoEDMS is used at ERICO to manage and control the workflow, engineering routing and revision history of about 30,000 engineering documents.  These documents include drawings, instruction and installation manuals, standards and specifications, test data and reports. Newer drawings are created in AutoCAD. Older manual files have been converted to TIFF images.

The ACS Customization Language (ACL) and the Extension Association database (and the Workflow Engine and ODMA/ELC) give us a great deal of flexibility to rearrange AutoEDMS to fit ERICO, not the other way around.

The Pervasive SQL database engine is one of the quickest, most robust engines that we've encountered. We're very happy with its performance.

Implementation tasks achieved since 1997:

  • Expanded the AutoEDMS software into our Purchasing, Sales and Production Control areas at our Solon, Ohio plant.
  • Established 2-way communication with the AS/400 mainframe that runs our business software (MacPac), using ACS' Connectivity Server.
  • Created a time management/engineering project tracking system with the AutoEDMS software.
  • Implementation at and connection to our sister plant in Aberdeen, North Carolina.
  • Implementation over the Internet to our European plants and our plant in Australia.

The people at ACS Software, Inc., are the company's biggest asset. Take advantage of their accessibility, experience, expertise and willingness to help.  (Anyone who's called Microsoft tech support knows what a boon this can be.)


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