Workflow Engine:
Revision Control

AutoEDMS' revision control is completely configurable, very comprehensive and can be fine-tuned to match each clients requirements. Any number of revisions can be kept on-line for viewing and copying, but only the current revision will be available for editing. AutoEDMS revision control also manages the situation when one document "replaces" another.  Different revision control standards can be implemented for different types of files, controlled vs. uncontrolled files, etc.

Engineering Change Orders, Requests and Notices

Through the AutoEDMS Workflow Engine, customized workflow processes can be designed for engineering change orders, requests and notices. The Workflow Engine design example illustrates an ECO-related workflow process.  Each company processes change orders differently and AutoEDMS can handle any variety of ECO/ECR/ECN methodology.

These processes typically involve four key issues:

  • Initial change requests are routed to the appropriate person(s) for review and evaluation. Change Management personnel then route the requested changes to department heads and managers for their input and approval.

  • ECO is routed to appropriate departments and personnel.  Affected files are assigned and distributed to drafters, etc.

  • The affected files are routed back to management for approval.

  • Management notifies all affected departments, customers, suppliers, etc. with an Engineering Change Notice to relate the completed changes.

Revision Control

Figure 11

The various notices and change orders are typically created with off-the-shelf tools like Microsoft Word, using predefined document templates, based on the type and severity of the change. AutoEDMS manages the creation of the change documents in Word and routes them to the appropriate personnel. In many companies, most changes are small and do not require as much control as big changes. Big changes though, typically require extensive routing, approval and audit trails.

The above example is an overview of the issues involved in processing ECOs, ECRs and ECNs. AutoEDMS provides a flexible change control management system, to meet in-house requirements and outside agency approvals (ISO9000, QS9000).

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