AutoEDMS Redline Module

The integrated redlining, commenting and document compare solution for the AutoEDMS document management and workflow system.

Streamline Revisions

The AutoEDMS Redline Module (AutoEDMS RM) streamlines drawing revisions with electronic markup and redlining on vector and raster drawing files.  No more wasted time looking for revision notes on paper copies of drawings.  Through AutoEDMS, your drawing comments are quickly routed to the appropriate person or department for revision.

Easy Redlining

AutoEDMS RM is tightly integrated with the AutoEDMS document management and workflow solution, so it is easy to select and check-out drawings for redlining.  You can choose from a variety of redlining tools to highlight problems and suggest improvements directly on your vector and raster drawings. 

Flexible Commenting

You can add a variety of comments and notes to documents, including "sticky" notes, direct text-based comments and multiple comment layers.  Comments and notes travel with the documents through their revision and approval processes to simplify communication.

Managed Revisions

The AutoEDMS document management and workflow system manages all document revisions and only allows redlining and commenting of files that are checked-out in a workflow process. With AutoEDMS' Visual Workflow Designer, you can determine who can redline files and when they can use AutoEDMS RM during your file revision and approval processes.

Distributed Redlining and Commenting

AutoEDMS RM is a shared, network-based tool and "floats" between authorized AutoEDMS users.  This gives you distributed redlining and commenting, with a shared, low-cost solution. It is easy to add more AutoEDMS RM licenses as your needs grow.

Viewing and Printing

AutoEDMS RM supports all popular Office file formats and vector and raster drawing files, and all popular scanned formats. Redlines and comments can be printed along with the files, to all Windows-supported printers.  ISO 9000 print control prevents unauthorized prints.

Integration with AutoEDMS

AutoEDMS RM works directly from your AutoEDMS Toolbar and becomes a seamless part of your AutoEDMS document management and workflow system.  AutoEDMS RM uses the same viewing libraries as AutoEDMS, so you're always assured of compatibility.  Best of all, AutoEDMS RM ships on the AutoEDMS CD and only requires an access code for activation.



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