AutoEDMS Database:
Search Tools

AutoEDMS includes a variety of search tools, based on the type of search required:

  • If the user knows the particular document name, they can do a "FastFind" on the name and go to that document immediately.  FastFind uses internal SQL indexes for instant document retrieval.
  • If the user is unsure of the spelling or word order within a database field or fields, they can use AutoEDMS' powerful "Fuzzy Search". Fuzzy Search will search through indexed and non-indexed fields (descriptions, part numbers, long filenames, etc.) and find the closest matches, regardless of misspellings, difference in word order, word usage, etc.  Fuzzy Search is also an excellent search method for finding a set of documents that might not have been previously categorized with identical field values.
  • Experienced database users can use the "Guided" search to build SQL-like search criteria.  The Guided search prompts the user with a list of field names, search operators (greater than, less than, etc.), search values and boolean logic (AND, OR, etc.).  This is an excellent multi-field search tool, for multi-field indexed searches.
  • System Administrators and experienced users can build and "publish" pre-defined searches, using AutoEDMS' Custom Search Library (Figure 8).  The Custom Search Library is menu-driven and is an easy way to create "saved" searches that are used frequently. The Custom Search Library can prompt users for inputs, present a list of unique database values to choose from, use conditional logic, etc.  Each saved search can be named with a description and presented as a Toolbar function.

Figure 8

AutoEDMS databases are ODBC compliant and can be queried by external programs and database utilities, including Microsoft Access and Visual Basic.

Each AutoEDMS database can have over one hundred indexes, for quick searching and queries.

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