AutoEDMS Database:
Database Performance

AutoEDMS supports large, multi-server or multi-site networks with multiple, distributed document databases, that provide fast and reliable access for both local and remote users.  There are no limits to the number of records in each AutoEDMS database, up to the total database size of sixteen gigabytes. AutoEDMS document databases are dynamically "sized", so the number of managed documents can grow without any changes to the databases. Other document management systems require the databases to be pre-configured for a set number of documents or records.

Database search speed is enhanced through the use of configurable database indexes.  AutoEDMS indexes are an integral part of the underlying databases so there is never a problem with indexes getting "out of sync" with the databases.  Other database performance design features include:

  • Advanced automatic data caching using a hashed search algorithm to improve data access performance and reduce disk I/O.
  • Automatic index balancing to minimize search paths.
  • Shadow paging to improve access performance and eliminate "dirty reads".
  • Continuous operation support that allows the backup of server databases without interrupting application access.

Data records are indexed using the "b-tree" indexing algorithm and indexes may be added or dropped after a file has been created. AutoEDMS database search times are extremely fast, even on multi-gigabyte databases (as our customers will atest to).

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