Easily scan and manage your paper archives with your
AutoEDMS system

AutoEDMS SCAN enables you to quickly scan documents from a TWAIN-compliant device to your AutoEDMS system. AutoEDMS SCAN supports TWAIN compatible devices such as large format, flatbed and multi-page scanners, and digital cameras.

AutoEDMS SCAN has the ability to create files in common raster formats like JPEG/JFIF, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, or PDF format.  PDF and TIFF documents can be of the multi-page variety, with multiple scanned image pages per file. Pages can also be appended to TIFF documents at a later date.


  • AutoEDMS SCAN provides a simple interface to "drive" any TWAIN compatible device and enables control of the device's options, such as Automatic Document Feeders.
  • AutoEDMS SCAN writes files to the AutoEDMS system, defined by your AutoEDMS Form and Record Database. The interface enables you to scan to an existing record or use a "base" record as a template to create multiple files/document records within your AutoEDMS repository.
  • AutoEDMS SCAN enables you to create multi-page PDF and TIFF files via the "Write all documents to the current record's file" option or to create multiple files/records via the "Create a Record for each Document" option.
  • AutoEDMS SCAN determines the file storage location based on the current record (good for rescans or new records). It allows for the use of a "base" record with a number, (e.g. ABCD0001.TIF), to enable the creation of multiple records/files using the base record as a template, (e.g. ABCD0002.TIF, ABCD0003.TIF, and ABCD0004.TIF) creating AutoEDMS Records automatically for each scanned image.
  • AutoEDMS SCAN is designed to work with any AutoEDMS database and form.
  • AutoEDMS SCAN has the option to enable the use of the TWAIN device's Graphical User Interface, but still controls the location where the file is stored. Your documents are still tracked by your AutoEDMS system.
  • AutoEDMS SCAN also has a document review option so you can review the acquired image and rotate it if necessary.

Compatible Devices

    Local Devices

    The device and driver used with AutoEDMS SCAN must be TWAIN compliant and show up as a TWAIN device connected to the workstation where AutoEDMS SCAN operates from.

    Network Scanners

    For network scanners, as long as they have network drivers that make the device appear as though it is connected to the local machine as a local device, and this driver is TWAIN compliant, it's supported. If the scanner vendor does not have a network/remote TWAIN driver, but the scanner is connected to a PC on the network, you also have the option of using RemoteScan, which turns a locally-attached scanner into a sharable network scanner.  AutoEDMS Scan supports RemoteScan scanners, once the necessary software is installed. Information on RemoteScan can be found at


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