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Web enable your AutoEDMS system for eBusiness with your vendors, partners and employees worldwide

Many AutoEDMS users are finding that web-based collaboration is becoming a solution they need to integrate into their every day business practices. By hosting AutoEDMS on a thin client server like Windows Terminal Server or Citrix MetaFrame, you'll be able to access your AutoEDMS system from a variety of client devices. Local and remote users can easily access your latest AutoEDMS-managed files over the Internet or other connections - hence the name, "AutoEDMS Anywhere".

One such AutoEDMS user that has integrated AutoEDMS enterprise-wide is ANR Pipeline. ANR is a Detroit-based interstate pipeline subsidiary of The Coastal Corp. and operates a 12,643-mile interstate natural gas pipeline system providing storage, transportation and various capacity-related services for local distribution companies, pipeline end users, and other customers in the United States and Canada. Via the Citrix thin client server, ANR's local and remote users have access to the over 84,000 files they have in their AutoEDMS database. For many companies, like ANR, the ability to share a central database with remote users has become the foundation on which collaborative enterprise-wide design is based.

Glen Grabowski, CAD Programmer/Analyst and AutoEDMS user at ANR Pipeline, explained:

"By hosting AutoEDMS on our thin client server (Citrix), we provide all our remote users with quick and easy access to our document repository; users can connect from anywhere. This is a big plus! We currently have 115 remote users using AutoEDMS from offshore natural gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico to northern Wisconsin."

Another AutoEDMS user that is taking advantage of the "AutoEDMS Anywhere" solution is Inductotherm Corp. - the world's leading and largest manufacturer of induction melting equipment, with more than 10,000 installations worldwide.  Inductotherm needed access to their documents and drawings on their shop floor, so they implemented AutoEDMS Anywhere to support Windows diskless terminals.

William Ridgway, Network Administrator at Inductotherm, described their set-up:

"In the Spring of 1999, Inductotherm Corp deployed AutoEDMS Anywhere for the shop. One of the major driving concerns was servicing Pentium class PC's in a dusty shop environment. We opted for a more controlled approach. With the Terminal Server Solution in place, no hard drives, no floppies, no desktop visits were required. We needed Y2K compliance, and an immediate upgrade from older versions of Windows. The next step was to make AutoEDMS available to the shop floor for access to AutoCAD drawings.
Initially, I was concerned about performance, reliability, workability and security. AutoEDMS is running on a NetWare 5.0 Server with Pervasive SQL Version 9.0. After AutoEDMS and Pervasive SQL were installed on the Terminal Server, it was just a
matter of creating group profiles and a script to allow for quick deployment of AutoEDMS. Securing the database was a snap. We had to make sure shop personnel would not inadvertently delete database entries. The security model in AutoEDMS worked very well in this regard. The result: the shop floor can view drawings, they cannot save the drawing files to a floppy, I do not have to worry about crashed hard drives, they cannot modify database entries, distribution of the product is fast and it's centrally managed. Eleven years later, AutoEDMS continues to deliver without problems and/or complaints from the shop personnel. Inductotherm is looking forward to upgrading to AutoEDMS Version 6.5 SR5."

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