The AutoEDMS Engineering Document Management and Workflow System is designed for workgroups and multi-site enterprises. AutoEDMS helps manage computer-based files, data and programs -- from engineering to accounting and from production to sales.  AutoEDMS is often used by engineering and manufacturing firms and is currently managing files for thousands of organizations worldwide.

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AutoEDMS -- helps manage your files, file revisions and workflow processes.

Features & Specifications

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Databases & Forms

Customized Forms
Database Search Tools
Client/Server Database Design
Database Performance
Database Reliability


File Viewing & Integration

File Viewing, Redline & Compare
Integration With Other Programs


Implementing AutoEDMS

Customizing AutoEDMS
Implementation Plan
Concurrent Licensing
Maintenance & Support
Manuals & Training


Workflow & Revision Control

Workflow Routing
Revision Control (ECO/ECN)
Automated Transmittals
File Check-in/Check-out
Reports & Audit Trails
EMail Notification


File Storage & Security

"Dynamic Drive Mapping"
Filenaming, Storage & Backup
File & Database Security


Program Requirements

Hardware & Software




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